The Story of Tranquimonia

Throughout the multiverse, every plane wherein dwells intelligent life has one thing in common: the existence of evil in all of its varied forms. Countless scholars and philosophers accross countless worlds have studied and contemplated this phenomenon since the moment of creation. Why does evil exist, and what are the definitions of good and evil?

Some have posited that good cannot exist without evil, that both are inherently present within life. Various religions have defined good and evil as a list of rules, dictated by the focus of that religion. There are those that would deny that good and evil even exist.

On one plane of existence, its name and location do not matter to our story, there were five immortal spirits that chose to ignore these metaphysical mysteries. Instead, they came together and undertook a monumental task: to create a world where evil does not exist. A world of perfect tranquility and harmony where intelligent species can coexist peacefully, without even the knowledge of evil. A world unconnected to the multiverse, whose innocence would never be stolen, whose naivete would endure through the infinity of time.

The spirits were successful, to a point. They discovered that the laws of the multiverse do not allow a world to be completely unconnected to the multiverse. There must be some means of transgress into and out of the world. So the spirits created a second world to act as a buffer for their new paradise. They left it as devoid as possible of any magical energies. They simply spun the buffer plane into being and let the laws of science take their natural course. The chances of intelligent life developing in this new universe were 1,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. And in the event that intelligent life did develop, they would have no means of learning of Tranquimonia’s existence or reaching it. They would have no knowledge of the multiverse, the many immortal beings that preside over it, or the incredible powers that can be unlocked via the river of arcane energy that runs throughout the multiverse.

But then, unbeknownst to the five spirits, on the third planet of a yellow dwarf star in the Milky Way Galaxy, intelligent life did develope. This new life form, homo sapiens, or humans, strove to unlock the physical secrets of life and the world around them. Unable to use magic to simplify their lives, they were forced to manipulate the elements for their comforts. Unfortunately, these humans did not realize the dangers inherent to changing the very fabric of existence, the atoms and molecules that make up each and every thing.

In the year 2045 of the Gregorian Calendar as used by the majority of the civilized lands of this fledling planet, what would become known as World War III began with the detonation of only the third nuclear bomb to be used as a weapon. As this one bomb detonated in the country known as the United States of America, supposedly a bastion of democracy, freedom and morality, the American government made the decision to retaliate with swift and deadly precision, completely obliterating the five countries comprising the anti-American alliance: Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and Venezuela. Unfortunately, the leaders of the American government did not know of the possible consequences of such a large, simultaneous release of power and energy.

As the fifty nuclear bombs, each releasing approximately 4000 times the energy that was released in the first use of a nuclear bomb as a weapon, a rift was torn from the universe of the humans to Tranquimonia. Many thousands of humans were involuntarily drawn into Tranquimonia. Since that time, many more have traveled through the rift voluntarily. But the rift may only be traversed in one direction. There is no return to the world of the humans. Those that pass through must make their way as they can in a world filled with arcane power and a myriad of foreign flora and fauna.

With the humans entrance into Tranquimonia came all of the foibles of human existence: hatred, jealousy, greed, avarice, murder, and every other imaginable evil. During the first twenty years following the creation of the rift, the humans stayed to themselves. They built small cities throughout Tranquimonia as they could, places of refuge where they could defend themselves from the native residents. Because, you see, the humans were unable to integrate themselves into the peaceful existence that was Tranquimonia. They simply could not grasp the concept of a world without killing and war. So they used their human technologies to beat back the denizens of Tranquimonia.

The Tranquimonians had no knowledge of warfare or combat. So they were forced to adapt their powers to combat the humans’ technology. Over time, the natives were able to create new spells and abilities to protect themselves from knives and guns and explosives. Much to the chagrin of the five spirits, some even went so far as to use the new technologies themselves, adding arcane power to strengthen and enhance the weapons. And the humans, ever resourceful, began to delve into the secrets of the arcane. Some humans, captivated by the idea of a living eden, joined with the Tranquimonians and fought their less evolved brethren.

Towards the end of the twenty years, a discovery was made. With the creation of the rift, Tranquimonia’s interplanar defenses were greatly weakened and humans and Tranquimonians alike learned to summon new, fearsome creatures from far and alien planes. Some came willingly, some were brought against their will, ripped from their homes to be stranded in Tranquimonia. These new extraplanar creatures learned quickly that like the humans, they could not leave Tranquimonia. The truly good among these extraplanar beings joined with the Tranquimonians, and the rest either sided with the humans or began to carve out power bases of their own.

As the war between these three groups continued, other immortals being learned of Tranquimonia, and seeing the opportunity for great power and wealth, brought themselves to Tranquimonia. Many set themselves up as Gods, worshipped for their almost limitless power and knowledge.

So we now stand, forty years following the rift event, the utopia of Tranquimonia destroyed, open warfare a daily fact for all residents of Tranquimonians. The natives and their new allies maintain the hope that one day they can return to their world to the days of their forefathers, while the rest of the otherworlders schemed, fought, killed and lived, all in the hope to gain dominion over some or all of Tranquimonia.

The Story of Tranquimonia

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